Listen up, fellow Colorado lovers – if the thought of a big, traditional wedding leaves you feeling anxious and like its not "you", then you're not alone. Here at Karina Noelia Photography, I'm all about celebrating love in the most Colorado way possible – with elopements that are as bold, breathtaking, and beautiful as the Rocky Mountains themselves.

I get it – you'd rather trade large expensive venues for sweeping mountain vistas, and cramped dance floors for starlit nights under the open sky. You understand that the best moments in life aren't staged or scripted – they're wild, untamed, and full of spontaneous magic. And guess what? I'm so ready to capture every single one of those moments, Need help planning or not sure where to start? You're in luck finding me! I provide each of my elopement lovers with a guide to help with locations and permit information as well as a vast list of amazing vendors all over the state.

So, if you're ready to ditch the stress of traditional wedding planning and embrace the freedom of saying "I do" on your own terms, then lace up your hiking boots, grab your partner's hand, and let's make some memories that are as unforgettable as a Colorado sunset.

Reach out, and let's start planning your epic adventure!


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The answers to your questions
What is considered an elopement with the packages you offer?
I have two official elopement packages. A two hour and three hour package- That is less than 10 people (including the couple). While I believe elopements should be intimate and mostly just the couple, it is more than understanding if you want to bring along your most favorite people. I don't offer less than 2 hours, because it takes time. This allows for location changes as well, and gives up more time to focus on you two, vs getting photos done super quick and missing important moment.s
What locations do you use for elopements?
That is mostly up to you! I will travel all over the state (some travel fees are to be added), but it depends on the type of scenery you are looking for. I have plenty suggestions and do the research to present you the best locations with all the informations. Keep in mind, there are some areas in Colorado where a permit is necessary, those fees are not included in the package amount.
Why have an elopement ceremony vs a large wedding?
There are so many reasons! One of the biggest reasons that has been shared with me is budget and not interested in spending what big weddings cost. I also have had couples elope here because they have a bigger wedding down the line or out of the country, some couples mention that big weddings aren't their thing and they couldn't imagine being center of attention like at a big wedding. Elopements can and are just as special and are your big day! We will make it the most magical experience.

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