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My style, My rules.

October 19, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Well hello there!


I'm a little late the the photography blog game, but here I am! I wanted to start by saying thank you to those sweet clients that keep choosing me to capture their memories, year after year. You guys are the reason I keep doing this photo thing! I've learned over the years of being in the photography business, that its HARD! It's hard because there's what seems to be 50 photographer per zip code. Different styles, different props, different everything. As a photographer trying to reach more families and clients, it took me a while to finally find my style. I think that is the hardest part of being successful  in this industry, is sticking to what YOU like and not what is popular. Or maybe it is popular. Lately I've battled with this new trend among popular pictures, the moody, dark, boho style tones. Which, don't get me wrong, I ADORE. I love how they look and I can totally see why they are popular right now. I can make my pictures look like that, sure. What gets me is that when I start editing that way, and know it'll reach a big audience with that style, it takes me 3x longer to edit one photo. Reasoning behind this is, it kills my soul a little. So dramatic. Going back and forth from that style to "my style" and in the end, my heart wins and I choose my style. What is my style you ask? If you've been following me lately,  my style is bright. My style is vibrant and colorful. I love how natural  light shines on the subjects faces and makes a tinkling affect. My style is sharp and in your face with all the colors nature as to offer. Honestly, it brings me life and gives me so much joy when I just spent HOURS on a session, upload them, and see them all side by side, how they jump from the page and say "LOOK AT ME!". Whether it's the popular style or not, it's my style. 

So, if you're trying to decide what one photographer in a sea of photo-loving-taking-people to use with your specific upcoming memory, ask your self what you are drawn to. Is the the super vibrant look, the super bright but not as colorful, do you like the boho style, or the matte look? Make sure they have plenty of their work that looks the same "style" and not all over the place. You might like their one matte look but the next session it's bright, so what you'll get may not be what you want. Ask them! Ask what style they are more drawn to and tend to do. I'm sure if they've been doing it a while like myself, their show will show what they, as a photographer, are drawn to as well. Hopefully that is helpful and help you determine you choice! 

As far as my style, check out my website and also some pictures below! 


You guys are awesome and stay tuned! I'll be starting to feature some of my favorite sessions soon.


- Karina 


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My style, My rules.
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